About us

Our wranglers work hard to provide you with the

most enjoyable trail rides you will ever experience!

Joe Boucher

​Joe is the owner and manager of Harvard City Riding Stables. He also owns and operates Horn Fork Guides and High Country Farrier Service.   The Boucher's are long-time residents of Buena Vista and Joe is locally known as one of the best farrier's in the area.   Joe ensures that his stable herd is very well taken care of and his guides well-trained with the goal of providing a great experience for all of our guests.  

Renee  Graner

Renee has had a life-long love affair with horses and enjoys mountain riding the most.   She has worked at the Stables from the day the Boucher's re-opened the doors and has no intention of leaving any time soon.  She is very knowledgeable about the trails and each horse.  Having guided over 500 guided trips along the Colorado Trail for Harvard City Riding Stables, she knows every rock, log and limb as well as the horses do.  Renee splits her time between her property management business, photography and Harvard City Riding Stables.  

Phillip Chase

Phillip was born and raised in Brownville, Nebraska but attended college in Kansas and has been in Colorado for several years.  Phillip has been riding horses most of his life and has worked on various ranches and stables.  He also has been a ski instsructor at Copper Mountain and enjoys flyfishing, reading, music, hiking, biking and camping.

Charlie Traugott

Charlie is from Victoria, Texas, and an Ag Economics at Texas A&M.  He has spent many hours in the saddle while herding cattle at a Texas cattle ranch.  He and his younger brother are planning on taking flying lessons before graduating college.  In his free time, Charlie plays the guitar and spins a mightly good story.  

John Debenport

John is from Texarkana, Texas and is a Finance sophomore at Texas A&M.  He has worked in the horse program at summer camp and has plenty of experience as a wrangler to 3 younger sisters.  

Davis Brychta

Davis is from Victoria, Texas as well and will be a junior at Texas A&M in the fall of 2018.  He comes from a large blended family and enjoys football and basketball.  Davis enjoys the thrill of horseback riding but nothing compares to his recent sky diving experience.